Import & Export


We offer a comprehensive package of Import and Export services, including :
Cargo shipment from worldwide origins to all destinations in Iran via air, sea, rail, and road. 
Customs clearance for imported cargo at all Iranian ports and customs houses

Temporary Import customs clearance for Industrial project shipments.

Export cargo: Shipment to any global destination using various transportation modes(road, air, ocean, and rail). 
Export custom clearance: with all necessary documentation and consultancy provided.


In addition, Pishahang Tarabar Co. assists in: 
  Export Activities 
  Equipment Optimization 
  Quality Assurance 
  Sea-Air Services 
  Documentation Management 
  Import Activities 
  Carrier Management 
  Customs Clearance Management 
  Delivery Coordination

" Rely on us to get the job done! "


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